Macbook Pro 2020

An over view of Macbook air 2019 and Macbook pro 2020


MacBook Air 2019:

Macbook Air Vs Macbook Pro 2020, MacBook Air is incredibly thin and light that’s why its name is MacBook air but it is so powerful than any other first launched Mac-Books. Features

Retina display with new Style keyboard, touch access, a processor with twice performance, amazingly fast graphics with huge storage capacity. Its body is made from aluminum, which makes the MacBook attractive. Its battery timing is better than any android mobile.

Price 999$

MacBook Air 2019 Picture quality

Picture quality is high resolution with 2560-by-1600 which is a maximum of 4 million pixels that give the picture quality next level. Text on the screen looks crisp and sharp and well-featured. Colors display so vibrant that clarifies the video.

MacBook Air 2019 Quad-core

MacBook air quad-core Intel core i7 processor gives double fast CPU performance, and it helps to enhance fast browsing speed

Macbook Air 2019 Storage

Its storage starts at 256 GB, which is double from the previous Mac-Books. It gives a huge room for your music, files, and much more data.


Its new featured keyboard is lighter than the air which gives you a wonderful comfortable experience while typing. It also has a low light setting. Its touchpad is larger than before. The touch id sensor gives your data extra security all you need to do it just place your finger at the touch id sensor. It has a T2 security chip and also second-generation silicon which is designed by Apple. This secure MacBook even more.

Speaker and camera

Its speaker has 2 times better bass with 25 % more volume, the camera makes your video chat high definition and clear. And also have 3 microphones that capture your voice while talking to Siri.

MacBook Pro 2020

 MacBook pro-2020 Price

MacBook price is 1299$ which is higher than MacBook air, but the quality is higher on not let’s take an overview

MacBook pro-2020 Quad-core

Its quad-core is up to 10th generation, which is going to take tough tasks. It helps you to work more efficiently and faster.

MacBook pro-2020 Graphics

This 10th generation Intel processor delivers 80 percent more fast graphic performance than the MacBook air 2019. Smoother gaming is not a dream now.

MacBook Pro Storage

Its storage is mind-blowing, 4TB storage can consume all of your life moments. It is designed to do anything faster and more efficiently.

MacBook pro 2020 Security

It is equipped with the 72 security chips which is mind-blowing. You can do everything more securely than ever before which concludes that this is more secure than the MacBook air 2019.

Led display and powerful voice

Its retina display powerful backlight that gives you high definition results like a cinemascope. More vibrant colors especially red and green which gives you sharp video results. According to the temperature of the environment near MacBook pro, it changes its brightness which never hurts your eyes. It also has a similar feature like MacBook air 2019 having 3 mike that catches your voice more clearly and you can easily talk to Siri with a MacBook just like your android

Desktop can be extended by this

You can extend your desktop by attaching this screen with your desktop both screens will show you the same content.

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