DJI Osmo Mobile 4 leaks with convenient magnetic quick mounts

usman Aug 25, 2020 11

DJI could be about to announce a new smartphone gimbal called the Osmo Mobile 4 — now abbreviated “OM 4” — if a trailer that just leaked on Twitter is to be believed. The video short was posted by WinFuture’s Roland Quandt, and appears to show two new magnetic mounting mechanisms that let you quickly snap your smartphone into the mount, a big improvement over the previous model.

If this trailer is accurate, it could mean the new Osmo has addressed one of the biggest complaints we had about the Osmo Mobile 3 when we tried it out last year. Previously, you had to slide your smartphone into a claw mount, but now it looks like you pre-attach a magnetic disk or claw to the back of your phone, letting you quickly snap the handset into the gimbal with the help of magnets.

Otherwise, the trailer spends most of its run-time on the OM 4’s software features. It shows off a cool dynamic zoom feature, which appears to automatically zoom out as you move the camera forwards to create the classic Dolly zoom effect first popularized by Alfred Hitchcock. Other features, like gesture control and hyperlapse, are returning from the Osmo Mobile 3.

The trailer doesn’t give any information about when the Osmo Mobile 4 might release, but it’s likely to be soon.

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