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Ultimate Guide to MacBook Pro 2020

New MacBook Pro 13 Inch 2020:

MacBook Pro 2020 has been the talk of the town and finally, it is here. A newfangled and modish MacBook Pro 13-inch 2020 is going to be unleashed in the first quarter of the year 2020.

From the word on the streets, it feels like the well known “Magic Keyboard” that was introduced in the MacBook Pro 16-inch will be a part of this project too.

The automation of the “Magic Keyboard” secured a lot of fame as they introduced a very fruitful appliance which was the “scissor-based mechanism”.

This “scissor-based mechanism” was found very productive in the “Magic Keyboard” for the iMac.

Few rumors neglect the fact the MacBook Pro 13-inch will possess the nifty features like the “inverted T arrow key layout”, the Escape and Touch ID keys, but in all likelihood the MacBook Pro 13-inch 2020 will be introduced with all these traits as these traits come in handy to the user.

macbook pro 2020
New MacBook Pro 13 Inch 2020

The facts stated above for the “Magic Keyboard”, the Escape and Touch ID keys and the “inverted T arrow key layout” can be supported in the light of the fact that if we study Apple products closely we come to know that Apple likes to prefer the uniformity and equilibrium with the traits and attributes its product possess.

So, pioneering the concept of the “Magic Keyboard” in the MacBook Pro 13-inch is not the question comprising of if or not but the question of when.

The battery installed in the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2020 is 58.2W battery that is present in the entry level for models of 1.4GHz. The other type of battery that is used in the 2.4Ghz models is 58W battery.

As we compare the battery of 13-inch MacBook Pro with 16-inch MacBook Pro, we find great difference as 16-inch MacBook Pro holds 100W battery, the largest battery that any laptop can have, which helps the system to operate for 11 hours straight. The 13-inch MacBook Pro that has a 58W battery attached can work for 10 hours, which is also pretty impressive.

macbook pro 2020
New MacBook Pro 13 Inch 2020

New MacBook Pro 2020 15 Inch:

In the previous year, the debut of the Line dock in the 13-inch MacBook Pro form factor was a pretty impressive move.

But this productive move a lack of 15-inch version of MacBook Pro was observed and it felt quite disappointing. Now, these elements and events fully support the possible debuting 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Few of the reliable sources on the social media discloses that instead of announcing the MacBook Pro in 15-inch, the announcement of a much more contemporary 16-inch MacBook Pro will take place.

Well, the bigger it is the better. But with the incrementation in the hardware, there arises a lot of friction and heat losses which we hope that Apple can best deal with.

New MacBook Pro 2020
New MacBook Pro 2020 15 Inch

Quite similarly like the previous MacBook Pro design, this model will also be equipped with the dock; it is the part in silver color which is situated beneath a MacBook Pro.

It’s a considerably perfect size that permits the USB-C connector of U-shaped to connect the dock to the computer at any one side.

Finally, when the Line Dock is connected to the computer, it facilitates the user with two UHS-II portions, 2 HDMI portions, 3 USB-C ports and 3 USB-A portions.

So, the 15-inch MacBook Pro that comes with the Line Dock attached can be really handy gadget as with the help of this accessory the MacBook Pro can be fully charged whenever the need arises, as this accessory holds enough power to do so.

MacBook Pro 2020 16 Inch:

The point that gives 16-inch MacBook Pro dominance over its precursors is the development of its keyboard.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro 2020 uses the “Magic Keyboard”, this keyboard really improves the typing experience of the users. Other than the keyboard, the MacBook is installed with the best and powerful battery it ever had.

The trackpad installed by Apple in 16-inch MacBook Pro is considerably large. The trackpad does not satisfy because of its size as it is covering a lot of space for no such reason.

However, Apple have managed the trackpad quite impressively, as they provide the best palm rejection property than any other company.

New MacBook Pro 2020
MacBook Pro 2020 16 Inch

The MacBook Pro provides no SD card slot to the user, that is one of the setbacks of the model.

However, it provides a fingerprint sensor to log in to the id and 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports as well.

The display size of the screen is round about 16 inches, for me that is satisfyingly majestic.

The area where Apple is lacking quite a bit is its webcam, it needs to improve its webcam considerably well.

As its webcam only provides 720p resolution.

Another improvement in the system of the 16-inch MacBook Pro is the advancement of the thermals.

Another part of the system that I really liked a lot is the speaker. The 16-inch MacBook Pro have the best quality speaker that any laptop could have.

The battery is one of the most important part of the laptop that has great influence on the performance of the system.

The battery installed in 16-inch MacBook Pro is 100W battery. With help of this battery the laptop operates for almost 11 hours.

New MacBook Pro Design:

Some of the authentic sources discloses that the display size of the 13-inch MacBook Pro will approximately be close to 13.3 inches, that sounds pretty cool.

Talking about the design of the MacBook Pro 2020, I personally believe that Apple had two choices with the design of iMac, either the company could reconstruct and redesign the entire project from the outside while diminishing the bezels according to their need.

Or they could keep the entire exterior structure as it is and implement some changes in the interior portion of the MacBook Pro 2020, which would increase its performance effectively.

Talking about the keyboard, it is heard that the “Magic Keyboard” will be introduced in the MacBook Pro 2020.

I feel pretty confident saying that the “Magic Keyboard” would have an impressive impact on the users.

New MacBook Pro 2020
New MacBook Pro Design

I’ve experienced this keyboard on 16-inch MacBook introduced in 2019 and I am pretty satisfied with the key feel.

I observed that with this keyboard I could promptly move through the keyboard, my typing speed is impressively increased.

And I was pretty satisfied with the sound the taps on the keyboard produces. The keys that this keyboard provides are not much springy.

So, the “Magic Keyboard” of MacBook Pro 2020 holds the top position in the race for the best keyboards for me.

The part of the MacBook that I kind of suffered was the Touch Bar. For me, a row of function keys is far more convenient than this Touch Bar.

But still I believe, it holds some potential. Talking about the screen, it does not exceed the limit of the 15-inch version.

The 15-inch version had a display of 15.4 inches approximately.

However, the 16-inch MacBook Pro is larger in size than the 15-inch model.

These two models are unnoticeable until both the models are brought side by side to each other.

MacBook Pro 2020 specs:

MacBook Pro will be announced with a 13-inch and 16-inch display. The MacBook Pro 2020 comes with an upgraded butterfly keyboard.

The bezels are minimized to a considerably low level. The speakers cover most of the system and provide the best quality sound that can ever be experienced in the MacBook.

The MacBook Pro 2020 has more storage and RAM as compared to its precursors.

Talking about the weight, it’s slimmer but not much lighter. There are considerable improvements in processor and the storage options are greatly enhanced.

The MacBook Pro 2020 will be announced with 1.4GHz Quad-core i5 and TB 3.9GHz or with 2.4GHz Quad-core i5 and TB 4.1GHz.

It can have Iris plus Graphics 645 or Iris Plus 655.

The RAM installed is 8GB 2133MHz. There are four Thunderbolt ports attached, with these features it provides an extremely friendly environment to the user.

A user would be extremely satisfied to see 256GB and 512GB at the standard entry-level and an option of 512GB and 1TB should be provided as the top range for 13-inch MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro 2020 Keyboard:

The thing that I can say with full confidence is that the new 13-inch MacBook Pro 2020 will have the “Magic Keyboard”, the similar one which was installed in the 16-inch MacBook Pro 2019 version.

The feature of scissor switch keyboard will also be introduced in the new 13-inch MacBook pro 2020.

The introduction of the “Magic Keyboard” greatly effects the user experience on the keyboard in appositive way.

MacBook Pro 2020 Keyboard
MacBook Pro 2020 Keyboard

With the new mechanics of the keyboard, I am substantially satisfied. As it has greatly improved my typing speed.

The keys are not much springy and the key feel is really good.

A difficulty that I faced was that the arrow keys are situated at a different location in 16-inch MacBook Pro 2019, so it is expected that the arrow keys will hold the same position in the 13-inch MacBook pro 2020.

MacBook Pro 2020 Keyboard
MacBook Pro 2020 Magic Keyboard

An inverted T layout is observed on the keyboard in place of a block type layout. Using this type of layout, I realized that the right and the left keys are pretty close to each other, so it facilitates the user as both keys are much easier to handle.

One of the other changes that I noticed is the physical escape key present on the keyboard.

It advantages the user, as it is easier to use the physical escape key, rather than having that key on the Touch Bar. As most of the user find Touch Bar hard to use so that’s why the Touch Id is also present separately.

MacBook Pro 2020 Processor:

The processor that was used in the 15-inch MacBook Pro is installed in the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The processor used in the 15-inch MacBook Pro had some setbacks that were quite severe, however, the same processor used in the 16-inch MacBook Pro is greatly improved, eliminating all the setbacks. Moreover, huge improvements are brought in heat management and the resolution affair.

MacBook Pro 2020 Processor
MacBook Pro 2020 Processor

The processor to be installed in 13-inch MacBook Pro is yet to reveal, the question arises that will Apple continue to bring development in the same microprocessor and facilitates the user with new and much more modish device or will Apple will design a new generation of the processor?

A new generation of processor that will take the user to the next level of convenience and comfortability. I believe that Apple will upgrade and update the whole range.

The processor that will be introduced in 13-inch MacBook Pro will greatly affect its performance and fame.

MacBook Pro 2020 Release:

As stated above, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro 2020 will be debuted in the first quarter of the year 2020.

No specific has been revealed by the authorities of the release date of the device. All we have with us are rumors and predictions, no confirmed released date.

A well-known analyst “Ming-Chi Kuon” made an approximation that the 13-inch MacBook Pro will be released in the launch of June 2020.

MacBook Pro 2020 Pricing:

There will be different models released approximately in June after the debut of 13-inch MacBook Pro.

These models will have different prices depending on the processors installed in them. Firstly, the model with the 1.4GHz Quad-core i5 with TB 3.9GHz and Iris Plus Graphics 645 will be available approximately from $1299 to $1499.

The other model that will be available will have a processor of 2.4GHz Quad-core i5 with TB 4.11 GHz ad Iris Plus Graphics 655. The price tag for this model will range from $1799 to $1999.

We cannot say that the prices are overpriced as the company provides mechanisms and a congenial environment for the user.

One of the other reasons for high prices is the brand name. People prefer Apple products as they are reliable and user-friendly.

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