What may be Amazon’s game controller pops up in FCC filings before its big hardware event

What seems to be an Amazon-made game controller has appeared in FCC filings (credit to Dave Zatz for spotting this first). While an Amazon-made gaming controller would be interesting on its own, these filings have been published shortly before the company’s next annual hardware event, which kicks off at 1PM ET today, suggesting Amazon could finally be revealing more about its long-rumored Project Tempo cloud gaming service very soon.

It’s difficult to glean much about the controller from the filings — I can see that the controller will support Bluetooth and both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi protocols, but I can’t find any pictures of what the device might look like. And the only real tip-off we have that this is an Amazon device is the company’s logo on the filing for the FCC label.

In fact, it seems Amazon went out of its way to hide the controller’s existence, as these filings aren’t under Amazon’s name at all. They were done through a company named, and I am not making this up, “Zippy Hippie Twister Limited Liability Company.” Amazon’s been known to use these sorts of weird company names before.

We’ll know soon enough if Amazon does take the wraps off this controller and Project Tempo, which has apparently been in the works for some time and is rumored to launch either later this year or perhaps some time in 2021.

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